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Venus Freeze is a non surgical, non invasive, painless skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and cellulite reduction treatment. The technology uses radio-frequency and magnetic pulse to stimulate your own collagen and elastin, resulting in more beautiful skin on your face, neck and body.  Book a free consultation to discuss your needs and customize a package for you.


What are the immediate clinical results following a treatment with (MP)²?

When collagen fibers in the skin are exposed to heat (as during a treatment), their structure is modified and they immediately contract, making the skin tighter. This effect is sometimes noticeable upon completion of the first treatment, and is usually more enhanced in the body than in the face area.

What are the long term clinical results following a series of treatments with (MP)²? The combination of Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse catalyzes an increase in the production of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as new dermal blood vessels. This effect, along with the inducement of lipolysis, brings about a healthy looking, smoother skin with improved elasticity and texture. Cellulite and circumferential reduction may also be seen. One maintenance is recommended 3-4 times per year.

How many sessions are required in order to get good clinical results? Generally, the recommended number of treatment sessions is 8-10 for the face or body weekly. However, the number of treatments may vary depending on the client’s characteristics, from expression, lifestyle, age, sun exposure, alcohol, drugs or meds, for example.

What is the temperature difference between the skin surface and the internal layers? The temperature beneath the skin surface is homogenous, and is about 10°C higher than the temperature on the skin surface.

Does (MP)² reach the fat cell? The fat cells in the skin are located in the hypodermis, about 8mm beneath the skin surface. (MP)²’s penetration depth of up to 28mm enables it to exert its effect on fat cells.

What is the impact of (MP)² on fat cells and Is there any effect on water content of the cells? (MP)² raises the temperature of the treated area, and induces lipolysis — enzyme-mediated breakdown of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. These fatty acids pass from the fat cell into the blood stream, and the volume of the cell is reduced. The fatty acids may be metabolized by various cells in the body, or restored again as triglycerides in fat cells. The water content is not affected.

How effective is the magnet pulse component of the (MP)² and what scientific evidence is there to support it? It is well documented that magnetic pulse has a positive effect on wound and bone healing, creation of new small blood vessels (angiogenesis) and collagen production. These clinical effects have been evident in many clinical trials. Furthermore, this non-invasive therapy was approved by the FDA as a safe and effective technology for medical use. The (MP)² uses this technology to dramatically improve skin appearance, via inducement of angiogenesis and collagen production.

What is the effectiveness of the (MP)² compared to a 400W RF system? The system’s Octipolar hand-piece deploys much less power, since its 8 poles work very efficiently and generate focused and homogenous heat much like a relaxing hot stone massage.

What is the nature of the synergy between Magnetic Pulse (MP)² and Radio Frequency (RF)? The (MP)² induces the production of collagen via two synergistic mechanisms — the MP component induces the proliferation of fibroblast, who in turn produce collagen, and the RF component initiates a process that involves production of collagen. The result is a significant increase in collagen production.

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Series and Specials

Body Series of 6 

 $1050 + Tax 

Thighs Series of 6 

$1200 + Tax 

Face or Neck or Décolleté Series of 6

$1050+ Tax 

Eyes Series of 6

$800 + Tax 


Face (1 treatment) 

$175 + Tax

Body (1 treatment)

$175 + Tax

Thigh (1 treatment, for 1 side)

$200 + Tax

Eye (1 treatment) 

$150 + Tax

* We don't treat Breasts, Thyroid or Underarms