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Spearmint/Rosemary Toner


only available in a kit

Refreshes and wakes up the skin

Ingredients: In a steamed, distilled base, with essential oils of spearmint/rosemary

Facial Kit


Included in the kit: 

Peppermint Facial Cleanser, Spearmint/Rosemary Toner, Pumpkin Facial Scrub, The Secret Cream

Cleanser: Start your day off with a cooling sensation in the shower and an energizing pick-me-up. The spearmint essential oils will give you the "pep" needed for the day! A blend of Certified Organic Soya Oil, and Coconut Base with essential oil of Peppermint.

Toner: In a steamed, distilled base, with essential oils of spearmint/rosemary.

Pumpkin Scrub: Use as a facial. A blend of raw pumpkin, nutmeg, sugar, certified organic soya oil, coconut oil and essential oils of cinnamon, clove and orange. 

The Secret Cream: Look and feel younger, with the “Secret”.  An age defying facial cream, with a nice gentle lift. Works wonders with fine lines and crows feet! Experience the difference with our "Fountain of Youth" in a jar.

Lotion Yon-Ka PNG


The phyto-aromatic healing water 

More than just a toner, this healing mist is a true phyto-aromatic fountain of beauty, essential for re-balancing and preparing the skin for everyday beauty products. Alcohol-free, it purifies, tones and sanitizes the skin, the energizing effects of its essential oils can be felt throughout the whole body.

Emulsion Pure


The Yon-Ka Quintessence concentrate is purifying and regenerating.

This opalescent, non-oily, alcohol-free fluid is a concentrate of purifying and repairing essential oils. Incomparably effective against impurities and their unsightly consequences.

Breakouts begin to disappear, the skin is fresh, purified and healed.

 It can also be used as a soothing emulsion for superficial burns, insect bites and after waxing.

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