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relaxing massage, Windsor, On

Relaxation Treatments~Massage and reflexology

foot reflexology for health

Reflexology   60 min.  $70

A deeply relaxing treatment that helps stimulate reflexes to help with congestion and overall 


This is a testimonial regarding the reflexology treatment
Given to me yesterday by Kristine owner of Natural Origins
Located at 5957 Wyandotte St. E.  I have neurapothy in my
Feet due to diabetes.  My feet pain me and the circulation
Is poor.  After my reflexology yesterday my feet felt so much
better, they have more feeling in them and the pain has
subsided a great deal.  I will keep up my reflexology with
Kristine for sure.  I have not felt such relief in my feet for
a long time. Appreciatively, Linda
aroma relaxation massage

Aroma Massage 60 minutes  $75
A gentle massage with custom essential oils that works on your stress and specific conditions.

Aroma Massage 30 minutes  $50

Hot Stone Massage at Natural Origins

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes  $90
Plunge into a deeply relaxing massage, with the penetrating heat therapy of basalt volcanic rocks, combined with custom blended essential oils. A luxurious treatment to stimulate the senses, ease stress and help soothe muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage 30 minutes  $55
Indian Scalp Massage

Indian Head Massage 60 minutes  $75
This massage dates back thousands of years used to maintain the body and health. Using natures essential oils, massage and pressure points that work on physical and mental levels to help harmonize the body. Indian Head Massage is found to be beneficial for stress, insomnia, anxiety, sinus conditions, headaches, poor hair and scalp conditions.

Indian Head Massage 30 minutes  $50

chair massage natural origins
Chair Massage  $15 for 15 minutes