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Facial Clay Mask


Cooling & Drawing (scrubs). Apply topically and allow to dry. Rinse with warm cloth. Tightens skin. Deep cleanse on face, draw out the impurities.

Ingredients: Kaolin (white clay) in a steamed distilled base, *Non-GMO soya oil, essential oils of spearmint, rosemary and mineral salts 

Meadows Down and Dirty charcoal and clay mask

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Masque 103


The 3 clays detoxifying mask

This detoxifying mask with its three kinds of clay purifies the skin, tightens pores, brightens the complexion and leaves it with an exceptional glow.

The normal to oily skin version absorbs excess sebum.

Your complexion is purified, pores tightened and skin brightened.

Masque N°1


Intense hydration mask.

This gel-cream mask with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: up to +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours. It helps the skin to combat free-radicals, aging and irritating agents.

Suitable for sensitive or easily irritated skin, whether dry or oily. Intensely replenished, the skin immediately appears smoother, softer, and fuller.