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Natural Origins Inc. 

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Hair Care 

Royal Velvet Lavender Shampoo/Face & Body Wash

250 ml~*$14*~ Now 30% Off

75 ml ~*$5.50*~

An all-in-one lavender shampoo, body wash, and facial cleanser.

Ingredients: Steam Distilled lavender, essential oil of lavender in a saponified  * non-GMO soya oil and coconut oil base

Nettle & Rosemary Shampoo/Body Wash 

~*$14*~ Now 30% Off

With Stinging Nettle & essential oil of Rosemary. In a Certified Organic Soya Oil and coconut base. The stinging nettle stimulates hair growth, and promotes beautiful shining hair. Rosemary promotes good memory.

Ingredients: *Saponified Non-GMO soya oil, coconut oil, stinging nettle extract, and essential oil of rosemary

Peppermint Full Body Cleanser

~*$14*~ Now 30% Off

Start your day off with a cooling sensation in the shower and an energizing pick-me-up. The spearmint essential oils will give you the "pep" needed for the day! A blend of Certified Organic Soya Oil, and Coconut Base with essential oil of Peppermint.

Ingredients: *Saponified Non-GMO soya oil, coconut oil and essential oil of peppermint

Sea Buckthorn Shampoo/Body Wash

~*$14*~ Now 30% Off

This all-in-one all over body wash and shampoo. Sea Buckthorn is known to combat dry skin, fade age spots and prevent and treat the dreaded wrinkles. Use as a shampoo to strengthen, regenerate and provide a nourishing and radiant shine to your hair (skin and nails), it is also an effective anti-irritant that soothes and calms the skin and scalp.

Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn, *Non GMO Soya/Coconut Oil, In a steam distilled sea buckthorn, Essential Oils of Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit

The Ultimate Detangling Hair Brush

~*$10*~ Now 30% Off

Instantly smooths and detangles all hair types and textures. Great for kids too!

Comes in Turquoise, Purple & Black

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