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Moving to 628 Monmouth to SHO STUDIOS. June 2 is our opening date. We will be hosting a hula hoop dance class series and aromatherapy workshops there. See you there!
Rae Dunphy Aromatics True Essence Essential Oils
About Rae Dunphy Aromatics
Since 1988 we have travelled the world for small boutique farmers who provide the ultimate in organic, wild-crafted and unusual essential oils. We purchase as carefully and directly as possible, doing our best to know the real story behind each oil. Having visited the farms - even participated in the harvest and the distillation process - we have developed long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers. It’s important to us that we make a connection to the land, to the farm and to the plants. We have a lot of respect for the farmers that take the time to produce essential oils of therapeutic grade, making price not as important to us as quality, growing method and our relationship to the producers. You can feel confident that products purchased from Rae Dunphy Aromatics are pure, safe and of the highest therapeutic value. 

What makes Rae Dunphy Aromatics products so special?
I believe the answer to this is found by understanding our founder, Rae, and her deep passion for Aromatherapy. Here is a wonderful quote from her that really showcases the values upon which she built Rae Dunphy Aromatics and her want to make these beautiful oils available to the world: “There is a big difference in the quality of essential oils and True Essence essential oils are what I consider to be the quintessential quality. We buy directly from farmers wherever we can, I do visit the farms and I have some very long-standing relationships with many of my suppliers and that’s very important to me. It’s important to me to make a connection to the land, to the farm, to the plants. Many people look at essential oils and they can’t make that connection to the actual plant material that goes in the bottle, but these are agricultural products and I have a lot of respect for the farmers that take the time to produce essential oils that are what we consider to be therapeutic quality. So when you find farmers that are wiling to distil these oils for a particular phenotype or species, then you start to get into a little higher priced oils. That’s where you find more of the certified organics, that’s where you find the boutique nature of some of the essential oils. These are the cream of the crop as you will. These are gifts from nature and for me to be able to offer what you generally can’t find anywhere else to people to help their families be healthy, to uplift your spirits, to sooth you, to calm stress…What an incredible thing to be able to do for your life work! This is magic in a bottle, to me this is the quintessential aspect of herbal medicine.” -Rae Dunphy 

To answer your question about our oils being certified organic:
 Though many of our oils are certified organic, not every one is since we deal with many small and boutique producers who do not have the ability to get certified (it is very costly!). If they are not certified organic, the particular oil may not be available organic or there are various other reasons for our choice, for example: they are wildcrafted, are practicing sustainable farming, are practicing organic farming but are just not certified, they are extremely knowledgeable and produce a specific phenotype or species that has the most therapeutic value, they are very specific in how they farm and harvest in order to achieve the best quality, etc. One lovely example is the producer where we get our Rose oil in Turkey (I have included pictures of Rae at the farm participating in the harvest and distilling process). They pick the same rose bushes over many weeks, only choosing the roses in full bloom to distil that day. This ensures that every rose picked is at its prime to produce the highest therapeutic value. It takes 5,000 pounds of rose blossoms to make just one pound of rose oil; much love goes into the entire process!

"At All Things Jill, located in Calgary, Alberta, personal body care is Personal. When it comes to our products, we look to Mother Nature for inspiration and advice. She knows how to soothe dry skin, calm our senses, and revive our souls using only natural sources. That’s why we search the globe to find the most luxurious and desirable organic oils, salts, butters, clays and herbs to help relax, restore and rejuvenate the mind and the body.
Many companies talk about natural and organic products. "At All Things Jill we don’t just talk about it, we live it."
                                                              -All Things Jill

tizo mineral sun protection

zinc oxide

titanium dioxide

no parabens

no fragrance

no oils

no dye

                                                                                                                           Our Tizo with just zinc can be used on 6 months and up