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Moving to 628 Monmouth to SHO STUDIOS. June 2 is our opening date. We will be hosting a hula hoop dance class series and aromatherapy workshops there. See you there!

DIY Bottles

Amber Ointment Jar

~*25 ml $1.50/each*~ 

~*50 ml $2.25/each*~

Glass ointment jar with lid 

Rollerballs 10 ml


For essential oil perfume or any home-made oil mixture

Great for taking your favourite essential oil blend on-the-go or creating your own natural perfume!

Lip Balm Tubes 


Perfect for DIY lip balms!

Massage Bottle

30 ml~*$2.00/each*~ 

250 ml ~*$4.00/each*~

Translucent white,plastic massage oil bottles with white polylok cap

or disc cap. 

Amber Essential Oil Bottles

~*2 ml $1.00/each*~

~*5 ml $1.50/each*~ 

~*10 ml $1.75/each*~ 

~*15 ml $2.00/each*~

With essential oil orifice reducer & flat ribbed white cap. 

Available in 5ml, 10 ml, 15 ml

Amber Tincture Bottle

~*30 ml $3.50*~

Liquid Capsule Travel Bottle


40 ml with Serum Pump Lid

Aromatic Inhaler Tube


Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to help boost mood or alleviate sinus congestion.

Pet Boston Round Spray Bottle

4 oz ~*$3.75*~

4 oz plastic spray bottle, great for making room sprays!

Glass Amber Spray Bottle

2 oz~*$3.00*~SOLD OUT

4 oz ~*$4.00*~

Make your own body, room or pillow sprays!
Amber glass bottles hold all your sprays. Fantastic for mixing essential oils as the glass will keep them safe and sound for a long time. Great for making bath fizzies and for facial misters.

Ariel Glass Spray Bottle


This unique bottle has a small footprint and rectangular design that saves space, making it perfect for tight spaces. Amber, a popular color for bottles used to store essential oils, helps extend the shelf life of oils when stored properly. 

Clear Cylinder Serum Pump Bottle


Bullet Cobalt Plastic Bottle


Clear Foam Bottle


Deodorant Tube


Candle jar and wick    $6

These attractive Cube Votive Jars will suit most professional visual applications. It will enhance tabletops, special event experiences, and interior lighting.

210 ml.  make your own candles!

Reed Diffuser with caps    200 ml $5
With its simple and elegant design, this bottle fits into any home decor. The wooden caps have a protective metal ring to prevent staining from the oils. These wooden caps come in a natural state ready for staining or painting. We also highly recommend that they be treated with a wood sealer to prevent cracking and protect them from any drops of oil that could discolor them.

Included is a plastic plug which allows for easy transporting of oil in the bottle.

Natural reed diffuser:

there are a few different ways to go about this, either using a carrier oil or a mixture of vodka and water. If you're using an oil base, you will blend a mix of 30% essential oil to 70% base oil. You can experiment with the percentages to see what works best for you.
If you're using the vodka and water mixture, you will want to add approximately 12 drops of essential oils to about 1/4 cup of water, then add a little vodka (the vodka helps bind the oils to the water).
Pour the mixture into your receptacle and place one end of the reeds or skewers into the solution, allowing it to saturate the reeds. Then take them out, and place the opposite ends into the bottle. Rotate which ends are in the scent solution about once a week.
The smaller the neck on the bottle, the slower the liquid will evaporate.

Reeds              10" $2.50 for 10  
These reeds are made from all natural, high-quality fibrous rattan and have been tested to absorb most of our fragrances when accompanied with our diffuser oil base. The reeds absorb the fragrance to the top and disperse it into the room. You’ll need to use at least 10 in a bottle.