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Lumiere Diffuser


This elegant white porcelain diffuser has a warm LED light that produces a beautiful, soothing ambience. 

Dual Mist Mode, Auto shut-off

Lasts up to 6 hours

110 ml water capacity 

Aroma Vase Diffuser


NEW! This beautiful ceramic aromatherapy nebulizer, unlike conventional essential oil burners and heaters, uses ultrasonic technology which converts the oil and water under high frequency vibration into a fine cold mist. This mist is more easily absorbed by the human body, more effective in purifying the air and creates an all-natural spa-like atmosphere.

No heat, chemicals, or pump needed

Elegant ceramic exterior

Safer, silent, effective and economical

Add water (100ml capacity) and your favorite essential oil or blend

Auto Detection Circuit will turn the unit off, if it detects any trouble with the electrical circuits

Digitally programmed to stop automatically when the minimum water level is reached

Aroma Pod
On Sale for $84
Stylish, quiet, easy-to-use ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with multi-colour LED light and auto shut-off. 
200-300 sq. ft. coverage
Up to 8 hrs continuous runtime
80ml water capacity

Aroma Sapphire Cold Diffuser


Gorgeous ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with dual mist mode and blue LED light. 

200-300 sq ft. coverage

Up to 12 hrs continuous runtime

230ml water capacity

Sienna Cold Diffuser


Elegant, modern art design with high gloss finish. Timer: 30/60/180/300 minutes. Auto shut-off. 

300-400 sq. ft. coverage.

Up to 6 hr continuous runtime

200 ml water capacity

Aroma Dot Cold Diffuser


Blown glass top, colour changing LED light, continuous or intermittent misting, and auto shut off. 

200-300 sq. ft. coverage.

Up to 8 hrs continuous run time

60 ml water capacity

Mini Desktop II Diffuser
Compact and portable design. Humidifies and purifies the air. USB and AC powered. Auto shut-off. With lights. 100-150 sq. ft. coverage 

Eco Spa Mini Diffuser


On Sale for $84

Our new eco spa mini diffuser has a rubberwood base with a blown glass top. Continuous or intermittent mist. With colour changing or fixed LED light setting, auto shut-off & 150-200 sq. ft coverage.

Sola Flower Diffuser


The essential oils travel up the cotton wick and permeate the sola wood flower, diffusing the aroma in a subtle yet soothing way.

Sola Diffuser Replacement Flower


Replacement Flower for your sola diffuser allows you to change up the essential oil you diffuse.

Scentball Diffuser


Simple and classic. Add a few drops of essentials oils to the reusable pads and insert into the unit. 5 refill pads included. 

Car Scenter Diffuser


Simple and classic. Add a few drops of essentials oils to the reusable pads and insert into the unit. 5 refill pads included. 

Aromatherapy Lockets


Check out our new aromatherapy lockets. Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the pad inside the locket. Not only will you recieve the benefits of that oil but it can be used as a alternative to perfume. 

*Comes in 3 different filigree styles in either gold or silver

Colour & Style

Aroma Mala Bracelet


Handmade by artisans in Bali and packaged with a 1.5ml vial of Peppermint Pure essential oil.The porous Mala beads diffuse essential oils naturally.

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