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Bath Products

Lavender Milk Bath


A relaxing, soothing bath soak with the essential oil of lavender and lavender buds.

Ingredients: Powdered milk, cornstarch, lavender buds, vegetable food colourant, and essential oil of lavender

Rose Petal Milk Bath


Relax your mind, body and spirit. The rose was one of the most valued medicial plants in the gardens of medieval Europe. Known for it's healing properties of damaged skin, astringent skin care and for all over natural beauty. Rose Petal baths are a wonderful way to lift depressive moods and create a feeling of well being.

Ingredients:  Powdered milk, cornstarch and essential oil of rose absolute

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Citrus Dream Epsom Salts


Ingredients: epsom salts, essential oils of lemon, lime, mandarin, cinnamon leaf, ylang ylang

Muscle Mend Epsom Salts


Ingredients: epsom salts, essential oils  of birch, marjoram, eucalyptus, nutmeg, black pepper

Lavender Epsom Salts


Balancing, uplifting, and detoxifying epsom salts with lavender essential oils. Use 1 cup for maintenance and 2 cups for pain. Soak in tub for 15-20 minutes to receive the full effects.

Ingredients: epsom salt, lavender essential oil

Himalayan Salts


100% natural finely granulated pink bath salt from the Himalayas. Stored in 1kg (2.2lb) fabric drawstring bags.

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